Grade 12 Certificate

with ONLINE Support

1 year | NQF Level 4 | 130 Credits


Live classes with teachers and superior online study materials in a collaborative context. 


All your resources online with anytime access to materials and teachers in a collaborative environment.


Priced competitively but delivering more superior collaboration between teachers and learners.
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Extend your access to content and support in addition to attending real classes with ICESA Matric School in Pietermaritzburg or Durban. Real teachers support you with creative online learning materials to augment your classroom experience. You are supported to obtain your senior certificate with much more than just going to class.

Are you a young adult of 18 or younger and looking for access to online eLearning, collaboration with supporting teachers and other students beyond the classroom? Earn your National Senior Certificate with ICESA Matric School and get access to our online content and support.

Are you 21 and older, looking to get your matric – but need a highly engaged environment with superior study material to support your present enrolment with ICESA Matric School? Earn your Amended Senior Certificate by making use of our online support eLearning materials and collaboration platform.

Are you looking for remedial or extra finishing classes? Enrol for individual subjects despite being in school or registered with another institution. You must be able to attend classes with ICESA Matric School in either Pietermaritzburg or Durban.

Get your matric!


UMALUSI issued National Senior Certificate to meet the minimum assessment standard for the Senior Certificate.


English Home Language
English First Additional Language
Afrikaans Huistaal
Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
Mathematical Literacy
Life Orientation
Business Studies
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences


Synchronise your schedule with live classes and meeting assessment dates through one of the ICESA Matric School campuses — access online content and support through our collaboration platform at any time. Engage with fellow students to discuss projects and collaborate on problem-solving with superior teacher mentorship.


Complete your National Senior Certificate or Amended Senior Certificate, using the same online collaboration and reference library as our correspondence students, in addition to attending classes.

As a remedial or finishing student taking a single subject or several subjects, all students have access to the same support and learning experience.

Whether you do a full curriculum or partial curriculum, all students have a similar experience and access to quality systems and materials. eLearning content is engaging and extends your physical classroom experience.


To enrich your classroom attendance, experience a collaborative engagement that puts the student within a creative problem-solving context, with teachers who fulfil a mentorship role around engaging materials designed with an eLearning pedagogy. 

After you completed your on-campus classroom attendance, access both teachers and materials online and engage with fellow students in a social discussion setting around educational events. Get the best support to enable your success. 

You need to get your matric!